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HYO Reminds Us To Take A “Second”

A year since her last comeback, HYO is back with her sixth single “Second,” featuring the chic singer-songwriter BIBI. In her upbeat summer track, she seeks to give a comforting and sincere message to fans.

A Walk Down Memory Lane: SISTAR

Known for their gorgeous visuals and refreshing vocals, the ladies of SISTAR brought a stage presence and energy that is unforgettable in the K-Pop industry. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember the timeline of SISTAR.

Kayla Drops First EP Titled Light

On July 26, 2021, LOIZ E&M’s Korean solo artist Kayla released the first EP of her career, Light. In this EP, we get to hear her sweet vocals paired with light instrumentation to complement her sound.

Sunmi Creates a Retro Universe in 1/6

Multi-talented solo artist Sunmi is back with a second comeback this year! With the release of her third mini-album 1/6, she makes her fierce return with the retro and cinematic track “You can’t sit with us.” This time, Sunmi is taking a dive into retro influence and creating a universe that’s like no other.

The Kraze’s Favorite Girl Group Tracks

Ladies Corner

Have you discovered a K-Pop song that’s left an impact on you and has become your favorite of all time? For this week’s Ladies Corner, The Kraze compiled their favorite girl group tracks. Even though it’s difficult to choose from a wide variety of infamous songs, there are definitely some good picks on this list.

[Exclusive Interview]: DEVYN Opens Up About “WHO,” Artist Life, and More!

The lovely singer and songwriter DEVYN makes her return with her third single “WHO” – a personal track that creates a message to herself and listeners on accepting growth, change, and embracing who you are. The Kraze had an amazing opportunity to chat with DEVYN about her new single, what she’s learned as a singer, and much more! Read what she had to say below.

DEVYN Gets Personal with “WHO”

Contemporary singer, songwriter, and model, DEVYN is back with her intimate and vulnerable track “WHO.” Even though it’s been a little over a year, DEVYN is back with a different direction that’s both personal and deep.

Female Idols Covering Other K-Pop Songs on Stage

In a previous article, we got to take a look at a few covers that female idols in K-Pop sang in English. For this week’s article, we’re featuring a few memorable covers by the ladies in the industry where they perform the song and choreography of another group.

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