K-Pop Inspired Business Creates Unique Cosmetic Products

Meet the Philadelphia creative gaining popularity from her K-pop inspired makeup palette.

Thanks to K-pop, small businesses are gaining inspiration from their favorite artists or songs to create unique products. Many go on to produce items like pins, key-chains, t-shirts, or stickers.

But Linda Blume, a 20-year-old from Philadelphia, sought to create something different from other small businesses.

Linda Blume, 20, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, creator of KorBeauty Pop Shop.
(Blume 2021)

Blume launched her small business, KorBeauty Pop Shop, in September 2020, where she decided to sell a variety of cosmetic products inspired by K-pop.

“Ever since I got into K-pop in 2016, I had been looking for a shop that sold makeup and other items related to K-pop,” Blume said. “I never found it, so I decided to stop waiting and create one myself!”

The Products

With products like eyeshadow palettes, eyeliner, lip gloss, handmade jewelry, and bags, Blume’s business became a one-of-a-kind K-pop inspired shop.

Fanchant, one of six different lip glosses that KorBeauty Pop Shop features on its website. (Blume 2021)

Blume says that she makes her shop unique by offering things that haven’t been done before amongst other K-pop shops.

“I teach everyone who makes a purchase from my shop a new Korean word,” Blume says. “I’ve never seen another small business incorporate language learning into their business.”

Blume also names her products after a variety of K-pop songs.

“I did this to help people learn of new groups and new songs to add to their playlists,” Blume said.

KorBeauty Pop Shop has a specific product that has gained significant popularity from buyers: the K-pop Dreams Palette.

K-Pop Dreams palette, one of two palettes offered on KorBeauty Pop Shop.
(Blume 2021)

The K-Pop Dreams Palette showcases nine eyeshadow shades named after common terms known in the K-pop community like “Visual”, “Bias” and “Fanchant”. The outer design of the palette features the names of various fandoms in the K-pop community.

KorBeauty Pop shop also features another palette called, Iconic Women, showcasing eyeshadow shades named after famous women in K-pop.

The shades from the Iconic Women Palette from KorBeauty Pop Shop (Blume 2021)

Blume mentioned that she wants to develop more products in the future for KorBeauty Pop Shop.

“I want to make different kinds of makeup like blush, highlighter, and more eyeshadow palettes,” Blume said. “There are a few other things too, but I will keep that a secret!”

Finding Success

With her small business, Blume says that being passionate and consistent is necessary in order to be successful with her shop.

“I always tell other small businesses that if someone can fall in love with who you are as a person then they can fall in love with your business,” Blume said.

Blume also says that social media has helped her shop gain a social media presence.

On TikTok, KorBeauty Pop Shop has over 14,000 followers, with one TikTok video reaching over 275,000 viewers.

“Even though I started out with nothing, being consistent has helped me gain a following and support through hard work and dedication,” Blume said.

To find out about KorBeauty Pop Shop’s next restock, you can follow Blume’s shop on Instagram and TikTok. Or you can visit the website to check what products are still available for purchase.

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